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What is THCV and What are the Benefits of this Cannabinoid? – by Leafly

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a compound in cannabis that offers a unique array of effects and medical benefits that sets it apart from other cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient looking for a particular type … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Consumption habits for California

Interesting (and sometimes surprising) consumption habits for 100,000+ California medical marijuana patients in 2015 Eaze, the leading provider of medical marijuana delivery services in nearly 100 California cities, has tapped into its data to reveal insights and consumption habits for … Continue reading

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Stoner Sloths Are The Australian Government’s Solution To Weed

These human-sized sloths were supposed to be the Australian government’s solution for teens on weed, and the internet is having a blast.  By the good folks at AJ+



Rolling Papers Directed by Mitch Dickman Featuring Ricardo Baca, Marijuana Editor for The Denver Post & Founder/Editor for The Cannabist, Jake Browne, Marijuana Critic for The Cannabist and Greg Moore, Editor for The Denver Post At ground zero of the … Continue reading


Canada to Become First G7 Nation to Legalize Marijuana

Ottawa (AFP) – Canada will next year become the first country in the G7 bloc of leading economies to legalize marijuana, the government said Friday in a speech by the governor general. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had promised the move … Continue reading


The 420 Gift Guide – by the Good People at Eaze

420 Friendly Gifts For The Ones You Love Eaze has teamed up with your favorite brands, including Santa Cruz Shredder, Foria, Rolla Boards, and G Pen to bring you exclusive discounts on the hottest 420 gifts of the season! For … Continue reading


Ganja Gum – Made In Humboldt California

The good peeps at Cannabis Comforts have created and a tasty gum that will be sure to big a fun twist to the holidays!   You must give it a try! HIGH QUALITY Ganja Gum is source only high quality ingredients … Continue reading


Homemade Improvised Stoner Tricks

Just a few tricks is you have very little to work with~

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A Beginner’s Guide to Edibles

As medical marijuana becomes the norm in American society, new patients are struggling to understand how to use the myriad products out there. Out of all of the categories available, few are as tricky to understand as marijuana-infused foods — … Continue reading


Shine – 24k Gold Rolling Papers

THE 24K GOLD STORY It’s 4am in Vegas… we just got off the floor and headed to the room. Earlier in the night we smoked a Black Tie Cigar (www.londoncutcigars.com) and we really want to put gold on everything. We … Continue reading