Bored to Death is an Emmy award-winning American comedy television series. It premiered in the United States on HBO on September 20, 2009. Created by Jonathan Ames, the series follows a writer (also named Jonathan Ames) based in Brooklyn, New York City, who moonlights as an unlicensed private detective.[1]
After following Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Seinfeld reunion episode, the show reached a ratings high of 1.1 million viewers, prompting HBO to renew it for a second season.[2] The season two premiere aired September 26, 2010 at 10PM ET.[3] On the 27th of October, HBO announced that Bored to Death would return for a third season in 2011.
Season One
When Jonathan’s girlfriend Suzanne breaks up with him, and his career as a writer is floundering, he finds himself with a lot of spare time on his hands. Inspired by a Raymond Chandler detective novel, Jonathan posts an ad on Craigslist, advertising himself as an unlicensed private eye. He easily solves his first and second cases, which involve a missing person and a cheating husband respectively.
Jonathan attempts to reignite his relationship with Suzanne, but he is unsuccessful. George introduces Jonathan to film director Jim Jarmusch and is given an opportunity to write for him, but fails to produce any material before Jarmusch changes his mind. Ray agrees to donate sperm to a lesbian couple, although against Leah’s will. In another attempt to win back Suzanne, Jonathan arranges to take her to Brighton Beach with Ray and Leah. However, Jonathan also tries to solve a case whilst with her, and it ruins the night. Seeking adventure, George joins Jonathan and Ray as Jonathan tries to steal from a notorious blackmailer. Ray and George establish a friendship for the first time whilst waiting for Jonathan, sharing their love of marijuana. Ray learns that the lesbian couple he supplied with sperm were actually reselling it to other couples, and the couple has since fled town. Jonathan meets and beds a new woman, Stella.

George, Jonathan and Ray get into an argument with GQ, a rival magazine. Both groups agree to a boxing match to settle their conflicts. The GQ team is led by Richard Antrem, the new husband of George’s ex-wife Priscilla. Before the match, George sleeps with Priscilla and she begs him to lose due to Richard’s ailing heart. Ray loses his fight, but Leah is proud of him. Jonathan beats his critic, and George intentionally loses to Richard.
Season Two
Three months later, Jonathan is continuing his work as a private eye, after his second book has been rejected. He is also teaching writing classes. Leah breaks up with Ray after several failed attempts at finding common ground. Richard Antrem asks Jonathan to spy on Priscilla to see if she is having an affair. Unaware that George is the other man, Jonathan agrees. Richard later catches George with Priscilla and realizes that Jonathan had been covering for him. Ray attempts to win back Leah, although he goes about it in the wrong way and is unsuccessful. George is diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Stella breaks up with Jonathan, and shortly after Jonathan is kidnapped. George and Ray attempt and fail to rescue him whilst high on cannabis, but the kidnappers eventually release the group. Ray briefly dates Jennifer Gladwell. After one of Jonathan’s clients suggests he writes about his cases, Jonathan begins writing to submit to The New Yorker. Ray’s latest comic book character, Super Ray becomes a success, leading Kevin Bacon to approach Ray about portraying Super Ray in a film series, but Ray ultimately turns him down.
George’s column is cancelled at Edition, and he begins questioning his worth at the company. When George is admitted to hospital for his surgery, Jonathan discovers that his doctor has diagnosed the wrong patient with prostate cancer, leaving George cancer-free.
George quits his job at “Edition” after his boss threatens to send him to rehab due to a failed drug test before. Ray receives numerous emails and eventually discovers a Super Ray doll with the tip of a knife in it’s shoulder, left for him by his stalker. Jonathan discovers the home of Ray’s stalker but fails to catch him before the Comic-Con. Ray’s stalker is revealed to be Irwin, the man he found sleeping with Leah, and Ray is stabbed with an X-Acto knife. Despite losing a substantial amount of blood Ray survives.

Source: HBO

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