C. SHINN is a self-taught artist based in Canada, inspired by her yearly pilgrimages to Hawaii for surf season. Her art has seen success in the past few years within the surf community, is displayed in galleries and collections around the world and continues to earn high praise from collectors and publications alike. She also has a growing portfolio of corporate clients including recent work for VANS TRIPLE CROWN OF SURFING and SATTELYTE WAKESKATES.

With a clean, bright and instantly recognizable style, SHINN documents day to day life on the North Shore. Her paintings steer clear of the familiar postcard imagery, and instead feature smaller moments that are telling of a larger experience. Her subjects range from faded concert posters and sticker heavy trash cans to lesser known landmarks and local groms and every one unmistakably North Shore.

SHINN’S unique aesthetic comes from a varied collection of influences that include old skate graphics, DIY screen printing, comic book art, surf and snowboard trips and her own day-to-day life on the North Shore.

With no formal training, SHINN attributes her artistic skills to a hereditary line of creatives, love of extra-curricular learning and a wonderful life which has provided inspiration and opportunity in abundance.

SHINN would like to thank the North Shore for providing a lifetime of inspiration and her hanai family for allowing her to call the North Shore home.

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