Pack Your Trash™ is a Non-Profit Anti-Litter Campaign

Pack Your Trash™ was established as a non-profit 501c-3 corporation (CP77-0559665) in February of 2001 and has been in existence since the early 1960’s. It is the only ‘pure’ anti-litter campaign which not only coordinates beach, park and local community clean-ups with other environmental concerns, but organizes assemblies at county grade and elementary schools, high schools, and community colleges, in order to speak about and endorse the importance of keeping ‘your’ community clean and taking responsibility for ‘your’ actions.

What is unique and most relevant to PYT, versus other environmental causes, is the true connection and direct involvement with our youth through the lectures at the schools and the PYT hands-on approach and outreach to the community for beach and street clean-ups.

A little Pack Your Trash™ History

Pack Your Trash was originally formed by a group called The Pleasure Point Night Fighters, a.k.a. PPNF, a public service group established in the 1920’s by volunteers and were renowned as a vigilante organization that kept the peace in what was then an unincorporated area known as “Pleasure Point” a district of Santa Cruz, California.

The Night Fighters were actually volunteer fire fighters who put out numerous fires and helped the victims of the rowdy crowds that would gather to celebrate during the prohibition years of 1919 to 1933. The Depression and World War II brought PPNF activities to a halt in the middle of the 1950’s when area locals revived the legend and PPNF was the “unwritten code of the West”. It was the middle 1970’s when the PPNF renaissance emerged laying a foundation for the tight knit organizational structure that exists today, with a myriad of community spirited programs to offer.

It was this organization, PPNF, who were disheartened with the trash on the beaches and lack of trash cans around the area to help reduce the problem. They united and were successfull in the donation of 12 trash cans. They took on the responsibility of keeping their local area clean by way of even physically emptying the trash cans weekly. They then began the now well-known “Pack Your Trash Day”. This began as an event where local residents gathered to clean local beaches in the fall, spring, Memorial Day, Labor Day, weekends and other holidays. With this effort, many other communities thoughout California and abroad followed our path to clean up their neighborhoods too.

The Pack Your Trash™ misson is to educate, encourage and impact our youth to take responsibility and promote a strong sense of pride in their community. Our goal is to extend our reach and presence thoughout Santa Cruz County and then assist other communities thoughout the state of California to replicate and enforce the PYT movement. Our ultimate vision is to establish PYT as ‘the’ national anti-litter campaign and have an annual Pack Your Trash™ Day across the country.

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