Red, yellow, and green, colors come together to create a shimmery make-up look for the eye. Any skin color can wear this, as well as any hair and eye color.

Things You’ll Need:

Eye primer
Green cream eyeshadow
Shadow brush
Yellow cream eyeshadow with shimmer
Red cream eyeshadow with shimmer
Blending brush
Soft cream eyeliner pencil
Black liquid eyeliner
Black mascara

1.Pat eye primer onto your eyelids with your fingers. Eye primer is a cream or gel used to prevent the creasing of eyeshadow during wear.

2.Apply a green cream eyeshadow to the inner third of the eyelid with a shadow brush.This application doesn’t need to be perfect.

3.Apply a yellow cream eyeshadow with shimmer to the middle third of the eye using a shadow brush.

4. Pat a red cream eyeshadow with shimmer onto the final third of the eyelid using a shadow brush. The red shadow can overlap with the yellow a bit if your eye is on the small side.

5. Blend the three colors together thoroughly using a blending brush. To blend, sweep the red eyeshadow into the yellow using a sweeping motion. Do the same thing for the green eyeshadow.

6. Use a soft cream eyeliner pencil to smudge a bit of color on the brow bone. Pat the brow bone with your finger to blend the color. This is your highlight.

7. Apply a black liquid eyeliner to the upper lash line.

8. Apply black mascara to the upper eyelashes only. Wiggle the lash comb as you move through your eyelashes to prevent clumping.
Have fun and let us know how it turns out~

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