Each Cheeba Chews weighs 9.5g-10.5g. Quad Dose Cheeba Chews contain 70mg THC +/- 10%, Double Dose 35mg. Every single Cheeba Chews is cut within precise weight tolerances, ensuring consistent medicinal effects every time for Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients. This is one of the reasons why Cheeba Chews have become the favorite edible of Colorado.

Cheeba Chews produces all of its hash oil in house to make sure we have complete control over the ENTIRE process start to finish. Thus ensuring we have 100% safe edibles in every Center. Every single batch made is also ingested by the owner/chef himself, to check for taste, consistency, and most importantly, safety. Every batch.

We will never cut any corners, or rush any batch due to demand. This is the reason some Centers might be out of Cheeba Chews for a period of time, or not have all 3 types. Cheeba Chews hash oil is NEVER made with butane.

We have perfected our hash oil process to consistently make the safest pharmaceutical grade hash oil in Colorado, while activating 98%+ of the available cannabinoids. We never use other companies hash oil. If you hear anything different, it most likely came from a company we’re in competition with.
Website: http://www.cheebachews.com


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