You don’t have to be an aficionado to use cannabis. I’m not. You don’t have to totally geek out about it. I don’t. And likewise, you don’t have to consume idly. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how or where to set your standards. There isn’t much to go on. But, if you know what goes into weed, and how those different components affect you, you can develop a basis for establishing standards. Herein lies a collection of facts you can ask about, think about, or ignore next time you get some medicine.

The Indoor/Outdoor Conundrum
All weed is either grown indoors or outdoors. Every plant starts either from a seed or from clones. Typically indoor utilizes clones and outdoor uses seeds, but this is by no means always the case. Clones are exact genetic replicants grown from cuttings taken from a specific plant (phenotype) selected for having great genetics. These plants are commonly referred to as “mothers.” Every seed from a given plant will display slightly different genetics and produce a number of phenotypes. The extent to which a grower “weeds out” different phenotypes plays an important role in the quality of the plant’s flowers. Indoor weed and outdoor weed have different cannabinoid balances, different potencies (indoor is higher on average), and they live very different lives. Here’s a short list of crucial facts concerning the cultivation of marijuana.

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