Green Glass Clean is an all natural bio-degradable environmentally safe cleaner specifically engineered to clean the grungiest, caked-on, resin-clogged glass water pipes, glass pipes and hookahs. All ingredients are safe and non-toxic unlike every other cleaner on the market. GGC is safe to use on glass, plastic, ceramic, wood and about anything you can smoke from.GGC harnesses the incredible power of Green Cleaning Power to give all of your pipes a brilliant shine. Once you try Green Glass Clean, you will wonder what you ever did without it!Simply dilute a small amount of this powerful all natural cleaner and it will gently dissolve and remove all caked-up hard to clean areas on your favorite pipe or hookah. Green Glass Clean will completely change your approach to getting your pipes cleaned! Start today, the environmentally friendly way, with Green Glass Clean!


Mix 2 ounces water to 1 ounce Green Glass Clean.
Soak in mixture. For best results, soak overnight.
Rinse with HOT water.

No harmful chemicals used in the production of this product. Environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaner.

About AMM Industries:
AMM Industries is a green and environmentally conscious company. With offices on the East coast and expanding on the west coast in 2010, AMM is capturing the market with their line of earth-friendly and health-conscious products. They strive to promote green thinking and earth-conservation while providing an entire line of natural based products.

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