Growing your own gives you the chance to obtain exactly the right kind for your own medical conditions, secure in the knowledge that nothing bad has been added to it. Once you start harvesting from even a small grow operation, you may never have to buy medicine from a dispensary again! You’ll save money, though you’ll still probably end up spending some, especially getting started (see Supplies You’ll Need at bottom). We can all but guarantee you’ll end up with several ounces of high-grade medicine for your trouble.

Each month, we’ll give you the information you need to keep going, assuming you start along with us in this issue. We’ll help you learn how to make your plants grow, fight off bugs and the dreaded powdery mildew, get your plants to flower, and keep it all stealthy. And by the fall, we’ll take you through the harvest and curing. But you’ll have to smoke it yourself….

The 420 Times is a quality publication that we hope you enjoy as much as we do!!


By Old Hippie


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