The piece is called the THC Necklace and it’s part of the Molecular Addictions Collection with photographer Kelly Jill. Over the next six months Aroha Silhouettes are going to be portraying addictions people have to molecular substances. For this design we had our model in a bathtub with a joint, it was a really fun shoot to do.

Marijuana, weed, cannabis, pot, Mary Jane. Whatever you want to call it the common active ingredient among them all is the THC molecule. Most of the time it only takes a few seconds after inhaling before you’re feeling a little high and relaxed. Sensations become intensified, perceptions increase and inhibitions are calmed. Let others on the same wavelength know that you’re a fan of the green stuff by wearing this bold and dainty THC molecule necklace.

If you like you can read a little more about the THC shoot here.

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