The GGDUB Gang is very proud to present the wonders of LED technology! Thanks to the wonderful peeps at we are now producing cute little females that we look forward watching grow up to be bold and beautiful!!

No More Ballasts- No More Venting of Light Bulb Heat- No More Dry Plants
Energy Savings – you can expect to see a 40% to 75% decrease in electricity costs when you switch from HPS or MH grow lights

Typical 90 Watt LED Setup
Near Zero Heat Signature – LED grow lights emit very little heat and come with built-in fans to keep the chips cool. No more burned leaves, no more excessive dehydration. You can keep your room temperature at a desired level without worrying about the temperature right above your plants.

No Expensive Accessories – Ballasts, reflectors, heat removal systems, fans . . . they all cost money and add up very quickly. On top of that, these items do break down over time and replacement costs cut into your potential profit. LED Technology eliminates the need for extra accessories. Plug in and start photosynthesis immediately

Exceptional Life-Span – With an average lifespan of 50,000, LED grow lights continue to pay for themselves over time. Compare this to HPS grow lights that need to be replaced as often as every 5000 hours

90 Watt LEDs in Action!
Near 100% Efficiency – At best, an HID light is only 35% efficient which means nearly 2/3 of the light produced is totally wasted as heat or as light that is not used in photosynthesis. Light produced with LED grow lights fall within the spectra of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). Because these lights emit very specific wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, plants absorb the light more readily and are able to convert it via photosynthesis into energy for vigorous vegetative growth followed by prolific flowering,,


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