General Grow Tips for Success

Keep Everything Clean
– Grow from Quality Seeds A Chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

– Do not stress your plants – Constant moving, flushing, light interruptions, excess nutrient, etc.
all add stress to a plant during its most critical growing stages. Minimize any external stress and
keep your plants happy.

– Do not Over Water – Too much water can kill a plant. Following germination, allow the
surface to dry before watering again. Only the top 3-4 inches of the soil should have moisture if
growing in a soil environment.

– Do Not Over-Fertilize or Give too much Nutrients. Do not apply nutrients to every watering
cycle. Keep in mind that the vegetative state requires more nitrogen and the flowering state
requires more phosphates. If you have potted soil with nutrients then it probably already has a
good concentrate of Nitrogen and adding more will do more harm to your plants than benefit.

-Proper Air Circulation – Keep fresh air moving through your grow room to have healthy
plants and stable temperature and humidity levels. Do not blow wind on your plants, but have an
exit area for air to escape and replenish the room, even during the night.

– Cut some large leaves as the plant grows to allow for more light penetration to the lower parts.

Like anything else, what you get out of growing is what you put into it.

Tips by: – When growing with LED growlights follow these simple guidelines
for better yielding indoor plants.


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