Kush Perfume was created to be an homage to Nature’s Finest Scent. We all know the amazingly sweet and alluring scent of fine kush. Kush Perfume uses many natural ingredients to create a smooth, sweet and wearable perfume that when worn has a light finishing scent that gently reminds the wearer of kush.lanii janelanii janelanii janelanii janelanii janelanii janelanii jane

Kush Perfume will not draw unwanted attention. It is a wearable perfume that in the words of Skunk Magazine,”‘ has a light breezy scent that reminds us of the beach but is complex enough to spritz on for a formal function. It won’t get you high but may get you further on your dates!”

Kush Perfume is a combination of natural botanicals and essential oils and has a smooth sweet fragrance with a hint of vanilla. It isn’t overwhelming and comes in a lovely box with an Italian crafted bottle. It is a great gift. The manufacturer ads that Kush Perfume is a “high quality genuine ‘eau de parfum’ in a jojoba oil base.

Kush Perfume is proudly made in the USA.

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