NugBrand Clothing Product Review

Tired of cheesy, novelty Marijuana Leaf T-shirts??? Nug Brand Clothing Co. is coming with something FRESH, for EVERYONE! This is no gag t-shirt company! Their mission is simple, to give the ENTIRE cannabis community a mainstream way to show their support.

The designs span every genre from Surf, Skate, Rasta Wear, Ancient Aliens, Polos,
and everyone’s favorite STRAINS! What ties every design together and is the
signature of Nug Brand Clothing Co. is the EMBROIDERED Nug that embellishes
every piece of clothing and accessory. Check out this video of it being made:

Nug Brand Clothing Co. is based out of Miami Beach they utilize a diversity of local
artists for their graphic designs. They go a step further than most Marijuana themed
t-shirt companies; they have accessories, bags, towels and hats, for guys and girls!

The latest collections utilize neon/ blacklight colors, Ancient Aliens, and Yoga
designs! Be sure to have a look. If you are familiar with Grass Roots California, check
out the collaborative, Limited Edition “Pineapple Kush” fitted hat. And don’t worry,
they have another one in the works the GRC.

The GGDUB Review says to keep your eye on these guys, they are always coming
out with new and innovative designs.
Twitter @nugbrand


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