Comedian/Actor, Seth Rogen is out making the press rounds for his new movie 50/50. As we all know Seth is an outspoken marijuana smoker and thats one of the things that we love most about him besides being extremely hilarious and one of a kind, so off course marijuana will always be a popular subject to come up in most of his interviews. When meeting with MTV News, Seth told them that not only is he proud to be the man who got director Kevin Smith smoking marijuana but that his creative juices flow best when under the influence of Mary Jane.

While Kevin Smith credits pot as a sort of mind-expanding artistic gateway, Rogen says he lights up to ease the drudgery of the creative process. “I smoke a lot of weed when I write, generally speaking,” he told us. “I don’t know if it helps me write. It makes me not mind that I’m writing. And I don’t know if it makes me work better, but it makes me not care that I’m working. Who wants to work? But if you’re stoned, it doesn’t seem like work.”

-I couldn’t agree more, everything is better when your stoned. My mind totally focuses more on which ever subject I am working on at the moment and totally blocks off any distractions or stress. I can say just like Seth my creative juices flow best when under the influence.

Mr. Seth Rogen your the man and couldn’t have said it any better !!!

Check out the interview here~

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