As the global community has become more aware of the impact we have on our planet as a whole, as well as our own geographical areas, the “green” or “sustainable” way of life is now, and will remain at, the forefront of emerging new markets.

The Maui Wowie proudly presents to you the original Maui Wowie Bootube – a BamBoo Tube water pipe that is 100% organic, natural and sustainable. Hand-made from certified organic black bamboo grown right here on Maui, your Bootube is a unique work art.

Burn Green As an answer to the need many of us have for an increasingly more conscious lifestyle, we are proud to review the only fully sustainable organic water pipe on the market. Our attitude towards the earth should be manifest by how we live our lives. This lifestyle takes great care to produce only da kine smoke, yet in many respects we disregard the commercial, inorganic, and insustainablity of the rest of the products related to it. Our aim to to change this attitude by providing “Burn Green” product awareness to the market, and to promote it as an inherent part of our unique culture.

The Bamboo

Maui Grown Black Bamboo – Our Sustainable Resource for ALL our Bootubes
After months of research and development, BooTube team chose a rare variety of black bamboo naturally resistant to mold, mildew, cracking and water damage – a perfect smoking tool! Maui is home to the largest certified organic black bamboo farm in the western hemisphere.

Organic Materials Maui hand-harvested, organic beeswax seals the inside of the Bootube, and hempseed oil is used to finish the outside. We at The Maui Wowie never use inorganic, toxic or GMO materials in the crafting of your one-of-kind Bootube.

Only Kine In Da Market Love glass? We do too! The Maui Wowie Bootube is ‘Living Glass’ – as growing bamboo is mostly silica (glass).

The entire product line, and all the accessories to pimp out your Bootube, are Maui based companies that use only local, organic, sustainable materials whenever possible.

Founder at work~

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