RAW was a project that started when two friends were smoking additive free cigarettes way back in 93.  The thought was, if they can make an additive free cigarette, can they wrap it in an additive free paper?  There are many rumors about gunpowder rings and strange additives in conventional mass-marketed cigarette paper, these additives could actually increase carbon monoxide.  They became determined to invent and market the purest cigarette rolling papers possible.
We all thankful for the creation of Raw Papers and the contribution of  quality and originality.  The 420 community is lucky to have a company so dedicated to providing a RAW Organic Paper.  Our belief is that each sheet should be slightly different. After all RAW is an unrefined natural paper. RAW comes from the earth and with each puff it releases it’s energy and returns to it. Smoke in the RAW!! We sure do!!!

Site link: rawthentic.com

The goal was to save 100 lives. The Raw Team with founder Josh Kesselman donated $10,000 to Wine to Water and worked together to achieve the goal. Across the globe, more than 6,000 children—mostly under the age of 5, die from water-related illnesses every year. Raw donated to Wine To Water and help create sustainable solutions to that problem, building wells, educating local populations on proper sanitation practices and raising awareness.

For more info about the project:  http://www.rawthentic.com/projects.html

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