Since the dawn of time, humans have burned plants, inhaling unhealthy compounds from the combustion of byproducts that aren’t found in the original plant. The Vapir line of vaporizers and vaporization products from Air-2 changes all that, releasing an herb’s essential material without many of the toxic elements created by smoking.

Vapair’s mission is to deliver the ultimate portable digital aromatherapy device. Committed to the development, production and perfection of world-class aromatherapy devices at a price point the 420 community can afford.

-Vaporization produces no combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, tar, or other carcinogenic elements.
-Vapor is considerably cooler than smoke and less likely to damage lung tissue.
-Vaporization provides a purer, more concentrated effect and requires less of the substance than if smoked or ingested.
-The substance is not degraded by digestive acids before entering the blood.
-There are no fillers or buffers as with pills.
-Vaporization acts quickly.
-Advanced microchip technology ensures an exact temperature; no overheating or burning the plant substance. This eliminates many of the harmful byproducts of combustion.

The NO2 Vaporizer is the newest portable vaporizer from Vapir. The NO2 features an innovative rechargeable battery. This allows you to easily take the NO2 with you wherever you’re going. No extra cords, no lighters, no hassle. The NO2 is based on the Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer, a popular portable vaporizer created by Vapir in 2005. The NO2 is essentially a “new and improved Oxygen Mini.” Some of the major improvements include: New internal lithium-ion battery, temperature memory (i.e. remembers the last temperature you used), 15% larger filling chamber, and more parts included: NO2 Vaporizer, Internal battery (rechargeable), screens (3 pack), tube attachment, mouthpiece, stir sticks (2 pack), measuring cup, and cleaning brush. A huge hit for the GGDub Gang. So easy to use and maintain. Best of all Vapir have the best customer service you can ask for. Huge thumbs up!

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