2013 is going to be a big year for NugBrand! Aside from our growing amount of fans, our clothing line booming with different apparel for all sorts of different people, and not to mention NUGGY the OFFICIAL MASCOT of NugBrand, we are also coming out with a COMIC STRIP!! It will be featuring our mascot, of course, NUGGY, only this time, he’s got COMPANY!!
The comic strip will be based on “Nuggy & Buds”, ‘Buds’ are Claude the Cloud, who is a lingering cloud of smoke. Electro-bake Robot, who doesn’t speak a word of English but knows how to say “ELECTRO-BAKE”, Sour Weasel, the sly, sneaky, local neighborhood P.I.M.P and dealer, Skunky, Bin Bin, who is a handsome wealthy Royal King from South Africa, Penguini and last but not least Alex the Internet Monkey. The strip will revolve around Nuggy, his ‘buds’ and the shenanigans he can get himself into.
Stay tuned for future appearances of “NUGGY & Buds” in your area! And in comic stores near you!
Check out more: nugbrand.com

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