Where does the name TROG come form?

I can’t really answer that as if I do then im going to have
people go searching and find my other facebook page-


Where are you from..born and raised?

Im based in Melbourne, Australia. Born and Raised in Perth on the westcoast of Australia.


You have a very unique style, where does your inspiration come from?

I have a unique style yes- I personally think this comes from being underground for so long and never trying to fit in with other art scenes that were going on- like I couldn’t care about being in group shows with people and doing the stuff that they want to see- I would just go F#ck that im hanging at home n doing my stuff for me… id sit there on a couch get on it and draw what I want to draw, my influences come from – Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Robert Crumb, Ben Brown, Jim Phillips, Victor Moscoso, Coop, Roth… and lately I’ve really been into stuff that Dirty Donny is doing- he’s killing it


What about all the posters your doing for the Cannabis show- hows that ?

Its insane- I have been turned down by so many people / companie in my time and the weed stuff is where I really want to be – its like a dream you know- getting loaded by getting loaded – ironic !!!!!


What about your art exhibitions?

you know what I personally get this real sick feeling leading into my art exhibitions – like worried they are going to be a flop- then I generally get a bit on it and after the exhibitions im so happy – like yer done it – now lets move on and do the next one…. Its like I really love doing the flyer for them and coming up with the name and the theme and chosing the work – but then its like I need someone else to come in and handle all the other stuff. I really want to get out and do a few exhibitions in the USA in the future too – like one in San Fran and one in LA would be cool.


What brought you to GGDUB?

I was looking for pages to post my stuff on to get my art out to the “STONER COMMUNITY” and was like – girls / weed – there has to be a page on that and then it was like boom – Girls gone Weed – popped straight up and I was like – I didn’t know about this page but knew one would be out there.. and you were !!!


What does the future hold for us TROGGERS?

We’ll I’ve only started to upload my back cataloug of work and already loaded up around 350 pieces – there’s still hundreds of artworks I haven’t loaded up yet- I think I’ve loaded up stuff from these years – 1999, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011,2012…. I started in 1991 – so that leaves a lot of years that you haven’t seen yet- im still looking for boxes as I do think I was wasted and thru away a few years of sketches at some stage in my life- that’s what you get for trying to clean up when you shouldn’t hey !!! apart from that you will see all the new stuff I take on and some killer new personal canvas works- hopefully some video clips of me doing work aswell.


Its been an honor getting to know you

Thanks for the interview- I really appreciated it and would like to give a huge thanks to Sarah and all the girls from GGDUB…. You have shown me huge support and I really do appreciate it, its killer, I hope we work on stuff in the future and im really looking forward to finishing up the next few in my “Lighter Ladies Series” (these all have GGDUB worked into the art.

I would like to thank my wife, as she is the one who bought me my first canvas years ago and told me I had to start drawing again-and do them on canvas so I don’t loose them


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