Hey Gang, we would like to introduce you to our good friend Happy Daddy.

Here is a little background and we hope you enjoy all the fine American Made Tools the Happy Daddy has to offer.

One day, Happy Daddy was napping on a bench that was too small with a cat that got fat from eating too many mice and moles, and he came up with a brilliant idea! He would make pipe-cleaning devices in the tiny hamlet of Beavercreek (a few miles from the metropolitan city of Portland, Oregon). And he did. And it was good. And now you can benefit from his American made products designed with your ease of use in mind.

Happy Daddy is like the fairy godmother of the cleaning world.   Start believing in magic, Cinderella, because we’re about to make all your dreams come true. Each of these tools are designed to clean the residue from your favorite smoking device.

The Baby Buddah is the shorter version of the Big Buddah, measuring roughly 4″, this little guy delivers concentrate or essential oil to your favorite heated device. Simply gather your concentrate and touch the tool to your favorite device, wait for the oil to liquefy and watch the magic happen. You will soon find out why this tool is so highly recommended.

The Big Buddah was a tool designed for your essential oil/concentrate needs. Its great shape will allow you to hover over your favorite heated device. With roughly 7″ at your fingertips, the skies the limit on its uses.

The Grindson© is great for all high quality pollen grinders. The bent blade is great for using as pick to clean the grinding teeth and holes. It can also use a hollow plastic cotton swab, cut short, to clean those difficult threads. So many uses, try it with your favorite concentrates.

The Pipe Pal© has three blade surfaces: a flat blade, a convex blade and a concave blade, designed to clean the rims as well as the bowl. Using a twisting motion, the blade will easily remove the residue and ash that accumulates in the device. The opposite end of the tool is designed to poke the hole, removing any blockage that might be left in your device.



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