The Wickit Wand is a stainless steele tool used for holding your hemp wick and having the flame go out without getting your fingers burned. The Wickit Wand comes pre-loaded with 2 ft of Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick.

We started this company because we found hemp wick and loved it. I had been a match user after giving up butane years ago. The problem was matches were getting more and more chemical soaked so they were as bad as butane. At our favorite smoke shop we found some organic hemp wick and took it home to try it.

It was a match made in heaven until . . . . . . . the flaming hair incident. I lost control of the wick while trying to smoke and ended up with a flaming rope of destruction. I caught only a small amount of my hair on fire and Kenny was able to put out the carpet.
It started out with what we had available and then we found a company to make exactly what we wanted.

We hope you enjoy the Wickit Wand and find that it is a much more practical
way to use Hemp wick for smoking.


“Just got mine and its great. wish I would have found them sooner, i would have burned my fingers less ! thanks for getting it to me so quick”. -Kevin J.

“The wickit wand RULES! I love mine so very much! Thanks for making such an incredible tool to make using Beeline so much easier and safer! One Love – Clazina Rose, Miss High Times 2010
” I absolutely love the Wickit Wand!
I use this incredible and durable tool for every sesh!” -Sarah



Wickit Wand

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