We are excited to announce the opening of Carlile Glass Gallery
Located at 998 The Alameda, in San Jose, California!
For renowned glass artist Carsten Carlile, blowing glass is a lifestyle.

“It’s a daily practice in hard work, creativity,
craftsmanship and self-discovery, “Carlile says. His strongest
influences have always been nature and form. “I love bringing life to
the torch. Skeletons, VWs, characters and figurines have all been
catalysts for my continued growth as an artist.”

To view Carlile’s intricate works is to witness the culmination of his
18 years of experience, tremendous skill, patience and effort. On
display in the gallery is one of Carlile’s flagship pieces, a VW bus
that measures over two feet long and over a foot tall. Pieces like
these can take weeks or months to finish. When asked how long each
piece takes, Carlile half-jokingly says “18 years,” because he truly
brings all his experience to each piece he creates.

In addition to his artistic skills, Carlile incorporates cutting-edge
technological know-how, making his creations highly functional as well
as beautiful. He says, “I love this life, I love this medium and I
will always be learning and pushing its limits.”

Although Carlile’s glass art can be found in shops around the world,
Silicon Valley is the first place where the full range of Carlile’s
glass art is on display.

This month, Carsten was awarded “Glass Artist
of the Month” in High Times Magazine.
Word is spreading on Carsten’s
timeless, beautiful glass creations. The underground legend is ready
with a massively incredible collection on display in Silicon Valley.
Know any glass lovers in the Bay area? Tell them to check out Carlile
Glass Gallery at 998 The Alameda in San Jose!

LINK TO SITE: carlileglassgallery.com
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