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“To all family and friends incase you have or haven’t heard already my dad had passed away tonight (10/6/2013) from a massive heart attack. They worked on him for 2 hours and did everything they could but it wasn’t enough. I don’t know how I’m gonna live without my dad there is no one in this world that can ever replace him. We appreciate everyone’s condolences he was loved by so many people and my dad loved everyone! I apologize if we haven’t properly informed certain people but it’s just to hard to do right now and we need some time to even comprehend what has happened. I love you so much dad I can’t believe you left me idk what I’m gonna do without you”

– The King of Pot’s Daughter Jaclyn Marie

Although we have never formally met in person, it’s with great sadness to say, that you have left us way too soon~ Thank you for the friendship we started back in the Myspace days. We have been following your journey in the marijuana movement and its been an honor knowing you. We cant thank you enough for what you have done for patients in Boston and all across the US. You will truly be missed and hopefully one day we can have that interview we always talked about~

Sarah, Fiona, Kara and PMAD

king of pot


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