Not too long ago I was thinking about ordering some magazines for the office ( had a rad discount ) so I decided to subscribe to Rachael Ray’s Everyday Living and Rolling Stone. Totally random choices but we pretty much get everything else already, like People =) So my mail comes in and I begin to browse thru Everyday Living and just a few pages in I see a small article on “Brekklaces” and was like OMG! I have to check this out further, I mean how can I not, jewelry in the shape of a waffle with butter and it smalls like it too! I immediately check out this website to see all the other amazing pieces, everything from vanilla cupcakes to snow-cones and even asparagus…I was hooked! I knew I had to order myself a necklace and bring her jewelry to our neck of the woods. So with that, let me introduce to you Tiny Hands Handmade Food Jewelry.




Tiny Hands Jewelry reminds me of the old school scratch and sniff stickers that I grew up with so im very honored to share with you all this funky little find~




This one actually smells like bacon! bacon-scented-fried-egg-necklace

How does she make it?


Tiny Hands

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