Say farewell to the munchies with this spicy flower.

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In this edition of Seed to Strain we meet Jared, creator of the the fiery SF Dragon’s Breath, which is said to be the perfect bud for a creative daytime high.

Jared entered the cannabis industry as a grower nearly two decades ago in Northern California. He later opened the Higher Path dispensary in Los Angeles to bring the wellness-centric vibe of NorCal to Hollywood.

Kiss the munchies goodbye when you toke on this strain as it’s one of the few that contains THC-B which acts as an appetite suppressant (have our prayers been answered?).

The SF Dragon’s Breath has won the Cannabis Cup in the sativa category twice. The flower boasts an energetic high that will also offer some creative focus to those with a hyperactive personality.

“With this strain you can smoke during day, be creative and have energy. It’s a creative kind of high that offers a different kind of lifestyle,” Jared explained.


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