Aloe Vera
The sap from Aloe Vera is extremely useful to speed up healing and reduces the risk of infections of wounds, burns, cuts, eczema, and reduces inflammation. Some even drink the juice of the Aloe Vera plant to treat digestive problems and poor appetite.

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Tea tree
Tea tree is used to treat vaginal infections, acne, athlete’s foot, and warts.
Lemon Balm
Lemon balm leaves can be crushed, rubbed onto skin are used as mosquito repellent or to help with the symptoms of herpes, sores, and fever.
Pot Marigold
Pot Marigold is a well known remedy for skin problems such as bites, stings, sprains and varicose veins.

Chamomile has been used to treat common aches like toothaches, earaches, and neuralgia.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian Ginseng’s medicinal properties are used to treat bone marrow suppressions caused by chemotherapy or radiation, insomnia, and memory improvement.

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Peppermint is used to treat fevers, inhibit bacterial growth, against upset stomachs, and flatulence.


Medicinal Marijuana
Medicinal Marijuana is used in treating Glaucoma by decreasing the pressure in the eyes, increases lung capacity reversing the damaging effects of smoking tobacco, epileptic seizures, and may also prevent cancer from spreading. THC is also known to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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