Get rid of the cannabis odor

One of the most common concerns of someone growing Cannabis plants is the strong distinctive smell that spreads throughout the space of cultivation. This can be a real problem as neighbors or even the police might notice and put the grower in trouble.

Are there any tips that you can follow so that we avoid trouble and hide the smell of our precious plants? Of course there is, keep on reading. There are certain ways to get rid of the euphoric strong odor from your grow room. 

Do all methods work? Certainly not. For example, many people use air purifiers to fight the smells , but although you can get some improved results, the smell often is so strong that you need a much more effective solution.

If you chose to grow outdoors, just be very careful not to plant your precious babies close to your neighbors’ fence. You have to keep an eye and watch out for neighbors that might smell and try to take a look at your garden or start asking other people in the neighborhood. You might want to prevent unwanted visits. Another good idea is to plant in your garden plants with a strong smell like basil or gardenias or Marigolds and small bushes of lavender.  

But what about growing indoors? Indoors growing is statistically a more safe way to go for the simple reason that the plants are kept out of public view. Unless you plan to grow your babies in an isolated place of course. Growing indoors means that you have to build a setup and that will cost some money and you will have to take safety precautions(when installing electrical equipment). One of the basic concerns when growing indoors is the proper ventilation. A well ventilated growing room is the secret to avoid the unwanted smell that could attract suspicious neighbors wondering “what’s that smell?”. Always run an exhaust fan. So, the only way air is leaving the room is through the exhaust fan. Carbon filters or “scrubbers” work well as they just neutralize any smell that goes through their filter. They contain activated carbon and can be expensive and they have to be replaced every now and then. If your growing area is small you can buy a Granular filter but if your growing space is bigger then a Block would work better as it has a bigger surface of carbon. Anyways Carbon scrubbers are a good choice as the air that would finally go out of your grow room would be cleaned from cannabis aromas. A good tactic is to have your exhaust vent out of the roof of the building(the higher the better). 

More over many growers use Ionize filters to neutralize the air by killing the smells. These filters work very well, while many newbies try to get rid of the flowers smell by spraying perfumes-a tactic that does not really work after all. It is impossible to cover the smell of a flowering cannabis plant. Be careful though when placing the ionizers in the growing room as some of them can be so effective that they can destroy the taste and smell of your plants completely.

Some growers also pick Cannabis strains known for their low levels of smell when they grow. These are special strains that are “hard to detect” as they don’t have the strong smell that normally Cannabis has. It is part of their genes to smell more like flowers, and fruits and might be a very good choice for those who keep a plant hidden in a small appartment or a closet.

The internet is full of detailed “how to” guides for how to set up an installation of a well ventilated grow room… Here is a nice post from one of the best Cannabis blogs to start your research.

 About the writer:

William Smith is a cannabis connoisseur with an interest in experimenting with vaporizers and different hybrid strains. He lives in the Netherlands.

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