Cannabis couriers are the hidden middle men that make marijuana magic happen every day in Colorado.

  Brennan Linsley/AP

These couriers keep dispensaries stocked by transporting pounds on pounds of medical and retail marijuana, hash, and edibles throughout the state.

But these couriers have long operated in a vague, grey area without much regulation. A new, much-needed bill in Colorado would finally create licenses for these cannabis couriers. These couriers, currently labelled “vendors”, have strict limitations and little regulation.


For instance, they can only hold onto products for a set timeframe and must return them to the original source if they can’t deliver in that set timeframe. This bill gives the couriers a bit more leeway; if a snowstorm hits town, they may receive an extension on the delivery.

The bill passed a Senate and House vote unanimously, then on Monday the House passed an amended version by a 50-14 vote. Governor Hickenlooper is expected to sign the bill into law and creating yet another licensed type of cannabis company in Colorado.

According to The Cannabist, Colorado currently has 12 cannabis courier companies. The licenses would cost each company $4,400 and last for two years. The state expects 24 applicants.

By Bernie Canter

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