On Saturday, with a celebrity-studded party in the Hollywood Hills and glitzy marketing events at Los Angeles dispensaries, Marley Natural, the so-called first global cannabis brand, will launch its first product lines at medical marijuana shops in California.

The debut was a long time coming: The Marley Natural brand, a partnership between the family of the reggae legend and the Seattle-based marijuana private equity firm Privateer Holdings, made international news when it was announced in November 2014, even though there weren’t any products yet. Now the merchandise is finally here: luxurious hempseed-based body care products, elegant smoking accessories featuring black walnut wood and, of course, carefully grown marijuana strains, each emblazoned with the name of the world’s most celebrated marijuana aficionado, and all of it hitting the shelves on what would have been Marley’s 71st birthday.

While it may be the most prominent example, Marley Natural is far from the only celebrity-branded marijuana product hitting the market. There are already Leafs by Snoop marijuana and edibles, cannabis-infused wine tinctures from Melissa Etheridge, and soon-to-be-launched offerings from Willie Nelson. Next up could be cannabis products marketed around the Doobie Brothers, Jefferson Airplane, Kiss and Woodstock, courtesy of a new partnership between the Bloom Cannabis Group consulting company and the licensing and merchandising firm Epic Rights.

And so it goes..  Poor grassroots brands will fall behind, such a same because the grassroots brands are the true 420 culture.  Like so many other markets.

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