Summer is here and it’s time to adventure — don’t let an extensive makeup routine hold you back.

Let me introduce you to MilkThe first makeup company that actually gets us.

Women are busy creatures who are constantly on-the-go. For most, it’s rare to get 10 minutes of morning mirror time, let alone the hour that most makeup routines demand.

Milk has changed the game. Finally, a makeup line made for real girls, unique girls, girls who are busy as hell but still want to look fine as hell.

Inspired by art products, Milk Makeup isn’t intimidating; and it encourages creative expression, making the daily routine fun again. Milk prides itself on providing the freedom to transition from day to night in just five minutes.

IMG_6808-Edit-EditFrom their Lit and Baked contour sticks to their O.G. Red lip color, Milk oozes funky, 420-friendly vibes. Their multifunctional products will become your new favorite essentials, and you’ll wonder how you went so long without them! Cofounder Georgia Greville describes their inspiration as “the idea that the less makeup you wear, the sexier you are.”


Milk is remarkably successful at creating products for their type of girl, but it’s not all superficial. The company also understands the modern girl is smart about what goes on and in their body, so all products are cruelty-free and use completely natural, eco-friendly ingredients you can actually pronounce.

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Cofounder Zanna Roberts Rassi, the senior fashion editor at Marie Claire, describes the line’s inception, “We literally sat around a table of women and asked ‘What do we need in our lives?’ not, ‘What do we want to sell?’ This manifested itself in a line that is quick to use, has impactful colors, is streamlined, is as natural as it can be — paraben-free, eco-conscious and modern.”

Since Milk Makeup launched early this year, women all over the world have been trying to get their hands on the brand that’s redefining makeup.

Milk caught our attention at because of their one-of-a-kind product, the Roll + Blot. Yep, you guessed it, they are first makeup company to include rolling papers in their lineup…Milk truly understands us.

IMG_6703-Edit-1Milk’s Roll + Blot papers come in a sleek, silver pack with a simple enclosure is designed into the pack so, when thrown in your bag it doesn’t open and crumple your precious papers. All you chronic connoisseurs might be thinking, “Ok yeah that’s cool but the papers are probably whack” and I admit I was wary at first because most novelty rolling paper packs include gnarly paper that’s thick and harsh to smoke. Those thoughts instantly shut up when I tried my first Milk joint…

The papers were smooth and barely there. The 100% unbleached hemp papers complemented my flowers perfectly to the point you barely noticed it was there, exactly how a paper should be. (Props on the hemp move, Milk). One of the best parts is you feel like the pack will last you forever. They come in packs of 100 papers, twice the amount of Elements or Raws! It will encourage you to get busy rollin’ up!

Besides smoking, these multifunctional papers also serve as blotting paper. With the hot sun making it’s force known this summer, blotting papers are going to be your perfect partner in crime. Blotting papers are an easy way to avoid being extra-shiny this season. Using the thin papers to blot strategically around the nose, chin and forehead work wonders to mattify those problem areas while enhancing the shine on ideal areas like your cheekbones. Blotting papers are also great for setting your makeup; after applying creamy foundation or lipstick, using these papers to blot gently against your skin will pick up the oil from the makeup which will help it stay put. These papers are also a lifesaver for those long summer adventures when showers evade you. Just blot the papers on your roots and it works as a quick-fix shampoo (crucial if you have bangs, you know how oily those get.) Carrying around a Roll + Blot pack makes you truly feel like you’re ready for anything.

The Roll + Blot is an amazing, daily essential but Milk doesn’t stop there. They’ve also blessed ganja IMG_6810-1goddesses with another product for which we’ve waited so patiently…

Lip color that will actually last an entire smoke sesh! All you ladies out there must feel me, you pick out a dope color for the sesh only to have it come off within the first few hits of a blunt. Well, Milk has saved us from this issue with their variety of nearly-permanent lip colors. With amazing names to accompany them, these lip colors are bright, eye-catching and fade-proof. The lip color has a 30% pigment load, more than most, and is made with yummy ingredients like coconut wax, shea butter, almond oil and sunflower oil. Whether you’re hands-free tapping on the lip pigment or transported back to your school daze with the felt-tip lip marker, your bold lips are sure to stay vibrant even after a few joints….amazing.

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