Keurig coffee pods are an affront on coffee drinkers. They taste like mush, barely pack any punch, and mock what is an artistic process.

Keurig-like cannabis pods for weed are an equal affront on the cannabis consumer. The new “viral” product from CannaKorp makes a decent headline, but is generally just cringeworthy

How it works is fairly simple: people buy pods pre-filled with ground up bud, put those pods in a device, press start, and then wait 60 seconds for a chamber to fill up. Unsurprisingly, the offering comes from a guy who worked high up at Keurig.

Just like coffee in pods doesn’t give you a real buzz, these pods probably won’t give you a real high. I mean just look at this chick waiting for her weed to fill up that pod:


In the 60 seconds she waited for a pod filled with dried bud (probably old bud), she could have rolled a joint, packed a couple bowls, or called up her dispensary (or dealer). Yes, society likes convenience, but when convenience gets in the way of quality and an art form (which weed is), it becomes nauseating.

I’m not saying these pods won’t work for some people, particularly older people not looking to get high. Hell, my parents drink the Keurig every morning cause it saves them time and energy.

That said, most cannabis consumers want to see and smell what they’re about to put in their lungs. Putting ground up bud in a pod and taking out the sensuality of smoking up is a sad thing to me.

Yes, simplified/stupefied devices like these are probably where the industry is heading.  If that is the case, count me out.

They’re available for pre-order and they probably cost way too much.  But some old people who like convenience and don’t think twice about quality will probably get suckered.


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