Whoopi Goldberg is a brazen and outspoken celebrity supporter of marijuana that’s written essays about her vape pen and gone on network television rants in support of medical marijuana.

The View cohost’s past stance hasn’t affected her standing with ABC, but Whoopi’s recently launched California medical marijuana brand for women’s menstrual cramps may signal the end her time with the show. According to a report from In Touch Weekly,  the network isn’t so pleased about the Whoopi & Maya cannabis venture and thus may not renew her contract this summer.

An insider told the news outlet that

“The View is very strict about their talent not discussing their personal use of marijuana. Her contract is up in August, and it could be time for them to cut Whoopi loose.”

Whoopi’s tenure be an interesting situation to monitor. As legal marijuana becomes more commonplace and medical marijuana’s acceptance grow, the subject would seem like a logical one for shows like The View to cover.

Unfortunately, it appears that some suits in Hollywood still aren’t comfortable putting marijuana on any sort of pedestal in front of its talk show viewers.

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