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Marijuana flower is certainly big business in Colorado, but that flower has some stiff competition from its more potent relative: dabs.

Dabs or cannabis concentrates, the modern form of hashish, have seen an astounding rise in Colorado’s legal cannabis market over the last couple of years. This April, Colorado reportedly sold an astounding $27 million worth of retail dabs.

That significant figure represents a quarter of the Colorado retail market’s total sales for April. It’s also a 133% rise in sales numbers in contrast to last year’s April concentrate sales in Colorado. On 4/20 alone, concentrate sales rose 250% from their average daily numbers.

Clearly, while concentrates have yet to surpass flower, consumers are seeking this more potent, faster-acting alternative to dried herb. This modern marijuana market is an ever-evolving one that has expanded far beyond your mom and pop’s “weed.”

From edibles to tinctures to yes, marijuana for menstrual paints, the future of marijuana is unwritten.

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