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Marijuana seeds are available in three different varieties, the female, male, and feminized versions. For the purpose of this discussion, we are going to focus our attention on the feminized seeds and why they are by far the top choice for people who want the best possible smoking experience. So let’s get to it, feminized seeds explained in simple terms.


What Are Feminized Seeds?

In the most basic of terminology, these feminized seeds are created with no male chromosomes, so the end result is female plants of premium quality buds. These genetically modified seeds will in turn only produce female plants, and this is important if you want to control your harvest. Once a grower can isolate the female seeds, they can grow their crops more easily. These seeds may be a little more expensive then their male counterparts, but you will enjoy a bountiful harvest when growing commences.


How Are These Seeds So Effective?

If you don’t know if your seeds are male or female, you have to plant twice as many seeds in hoping the majority mature into resinous buds. When you have feminized seeds, you know exactly what you are going to get as soon as they are planted in the soil. The removal of the male plants allows for a richer harvest of premium quality buds. When male seeds are not taken out of the equation, they lag around and then fertilize female plants. Then these female plants produce seeded buds, which in turn are less potent and less bountiful. With the feminized seeds, you plant them and know you are getting female plants, no males can spoil the party.


Why Choose Feminized Seed?

The biggest reason that the growers prefer the feminized marijuana seeds is because they turn in to produce stronger strains of other female plants. Once the seed makeup has been modified, the new female plants produce high-quality sticky buds that are perfect for harvesting. Knowing the gender of the seeds instantly means you know the outcome of your crop too, and less work is spent on trying to remove the male plants that can water down the crop by pollinating the female plants.


The Bottom Line

When we talk about feminized seeds explained, it’s about removing the males from the harvest more easily so you can focus on producing a rich harvest of female plants. Even though the female plant is more susceptible to damage from light, heat, or extreme cold, a little extra nurturing will go a long way in producing a crop that is more potent. Once you begin to grow your plants make certain that you don’t make the mistake of using a female plant that was produced from a feminized seed as the mother plant. The regular female plant will have difficulty with constant cutting and the prolonged life cycle.

When it comes to buying your seeds, the best advice for getting feminized seeds is to buy from a reputable dealer who has raving reviews. Many seed banks will claim they are only selling 100% female seeds, but you will not know until your harvest has completely developed. Once you start your growing process with feminized seeds, you can easily control future harvests. The key is starting with the right seeds, so pay the little extra and buy from only reputable dealers.

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