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Build your hemp empire

The worlds first comprehensive marijuana growing game gives players the opportunity to build their empire, bud by bud. By producing a hundred strains, baked goodies, and cannabis extracts, players will build their empire, restore their city, battle local politics and pests, and compete against friends and foes for the greatest Hempire.

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Hemp Features

Hempire features an in-depth story line involving a dozen characters.Players can breed strains to create a hundred different varieties, produce special baked goods, and even cannabis extracts like honey oil or shatter.

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Craft fertilizers, battle mites and mold, upgrade their equipment, and compete against friends and foes in daily and weekly competitions are just a few of the features of Hempire.

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We interviewed the Hempire game makers to find out more!

Q. When and how was the game conceived and what research did your team do to put it all together?
The game was conceived in the winter of 2014/2015 between the founders, and as soon as we looked at how barren and lackluster the current offerings in the genre were — we knew we had to make this game.

As founders we were born and raised in BC Bud country. It’s hard to grow up here without knowing at least a couple people in BC’s biggest industry. We drew on these people for input on creating realistic and challenging experiences for our players so it the final product isn’t just ‘tap-and-go’ if you will.

Q. What can you tell us about the story in Hempire?
We feel our story really sets us apart. It’s based in a legalized state where the protagonist has done time in prison for growing illegally in the past. They’re released from jail to discover weed is now legal, and that the town they call home has been hit hard by the economic down turn. They set out to restore their town using the economic boom of Marijuana through philanthropy and empire building by producing an array of marijuana products.

Q. Is the game strictly about selling people weed to get high?

Great question. No. If it could be patented marijuana would be the biggest blockbuster pharmaceutical in history. We want our game to also serve as a vehicle of education for users on legitimate medicinal uses of Marijuana and how it helps people who are seriously ill. We feel any marijuana media that doesn’t highlight the benefits of this miracle plant is really doing a disservice to the entire community so we’re conscious of that.

Q. We are big fans of the characters in the game, who are some of the characters based off of?
The characters generally have no single person they’re based off, but are rather an amalgamation of people we’ve experienced in life. We hope that the characters resonate with players and people come away feeling like they know someone like our characters in their own life. We’re also working on some as of yet, top secret, real world characters for when we launch. So stay tuned on that.

Q. How did you come up with the cool look and feel? Who is the art director for the game and how was the art direction established.
We were incredibly lucky finding our core development team who immediately understood our vision and then worked to create it. The artists we have are incredible, and the art they’ve produced has really given us a look that far exceeds everything currently in the genre. We believe that with legalization sweeping North America, that it’s important to appeal to a sophisticated user who wants quality graphics and game play. Hempire will come to be the benchmark that every marijuana growing game will be held up against both visually and in terms of depth.

Q. What are some of the objectives for the user to build a Hempire?
At the core of the game, players will build up their empire by producing a variety marijuana products. Hundreds of strains, edibles, and extracts provide a lot of ways to generate income. From there, they invest in their community to restore it to its former glory, while acquiring additional city assets to expand their wealth and power to affect change.

Q. What roll do some of the female characters play in the game.
We don’t define the protagonists gender on purpose, as we feel its a role that could be filled by both a male or female. One of the other main characters throughout the story is the protagonists cousin who suffers from PTSD from her time in the military. She relies on our protagonist for high quality edibles and extracts to help her cope with her symptoms.

We would love to hear feedback from your followers on what they’d like to see from female characters in Hempire!

Q. How and when do users sign up to get to play the beta version?
Everyone’s welcome to enter their e-mail at to help us beta test Hempire. We’ll be taking user feedback very seriously and input from these early testers will help define what Hempire is when we launch.

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