This cannabis time-lapse is a work of art and love

This video shows a dedication to cannabis and stop-motion like no other. With over 750 photos and 6 months of love, this baby seed sprouts into a bud-covered monster that makes the mouth water.

Starting off as just a single seed of Green Poison, it “waters and re-pots itself” and grows into a mighty plant.

Stop motion animation

Nothing makes for a more concise and easy way to learn all about how a plant grows and matures like a time-lapse video. You can see the progress that would take pages of explanation in minutes. These type of videos have become huge on the internet, allowing growers to show off their skills and impressive yields without an hour long video of some guy talking in a room full of intense lighting and loud fans.

Stop motion is also one of the easiest and funniest mediums for comedy and art. Though painstaking and tedious, the end result is spectacular.

Skunk1Berri and humor

If you have looked up even one video on cannabis on YouTube, you are probably already sick of Reggae and Rap being played in the background. Skunk1Berri decided to give the plant some playful life of its own and picked the perfect song to give the right tempo to his fast growing friend.

I chose the music “Edvard grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King” because it fits perfectly with the growing of the plant and gives the process an increasing rhythm.The seed was Green Poison from Sweet Seeds and I used Plagron Glorious Green fertilizer, I also prefer to germinate in jiffy pot it’s just a peat pellet where you have to introduce the seed.
With this video I am trying to show people that weed it’s just a plant as any other, grown from the ground, she only needs water and a lot of love.

This is a lifecycle of a seed taking a picture every day, until harvest day.

Growing Time: 6 months
Seed: Green Poison
Fertilizer: Plagron Glorious Green
Soil: Compo Sana
Germination: Jiffy pot

Music: In the Hall of the mountain King – Peer Gynt

Born to be Weed – Cannabis Stop Motion

Christopher Teague

 Born and raised in West Texas, Chris has criss-crossed the country and explored more careers than he has years on this Earth. From lab-technician to landscaper, salesman to finance specialist, the only constants in his life have been his writing, and passion for cannabis. His travels and experience give him a unique perspective on the world. Poetry, short stories, and novels, both published, and those forever in revision, surround him like a smoky haze. Chris is a proud father, raising two small boys with the love of his life, who will one day share their hearts and minds to change the world.

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