Simple syrups are an easy way to sweeten up or add a touch of flavor to your favorite recipes. With a quick pour of syrup, you can add a hint of natural flavors to any snack. Now imagine how simple it is to infuse your favorite dish when the sugary syrup has been steeped in fresh fruit and saturated with active cannabis extract. The possibilities are exciting (and delicious), so to find out more we visited Craft Elixirs in Seattle, Washington to see their process and how they embody the art of cannabis craftsmanship.

Jamie Hoffman, the owner of Craft Elixirs, shows us how they create their small-batch simple syrups and dried fruit chews. By steeping a variety of fresh fruit into their mix of organic sugars, Craft Elixirs creates an assortment of flavors for their syrups that range from sweet and fruity to spicy and complex. All of their products are infused with cannabis oil that is extracted in-house using pure plant-based organic sugar cane alcohol and fresh cannabis sourced from some of Washington’s finest growers.

Have you tried any of Craft Elixir’s potent and flavorful syrups? If so, what is your favorite dish or concoction to create? Check out the video to see Jamie’s step-by-step process and tips to creating your own.

William Hyde


William Hyde is a Video Producer and Strain Specialist at Leafly. He studied Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington as well as Film Editing and Sound Design at The Los Angeles Film School. Before coming to Leafly, Will budtended at medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles, produced independent films and curated digital art events. He spends his free time traveling, exploring the outdoors, DJing, and whatever other creative outlet has caught his attention for the moment.

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