The Sploofy is a personal smoke filter for people who want to smoke indoors without the smoke and smell. It’s designed with a replaceable cartridge function, so that you can easily switch out cartridges without having to throw the whole unit away. We offer replaceable cartridges in different colors for a fraction of the price.

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How it works

Simply blow your smoke into Sploofy and you’ll get clean, unnoticeable air. Sploofy captures and deodorizes resin particles, giving you a smokeless and odorless experience.

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Stop harmful or offensive particles in their tracks with Sploofy’s smart filtration system. Simply exhale into the cartridge and enjoy a smoke-free environment everywhere you go.

Hepa Filtration

The HEPA filter is a combination of fibres designed to trap tiny particles, with an industry standard of 99.97% filtration efficiency. It’s the ultimate solution to a safe, odorless environment.

Easy Clean

With two detachable components; Sploofy is easy to clean. Simply remove the mouthpiece, rinse and dry off.


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Marijuana Models

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