The secret is already out that weed can help ease painful cramps during menstruation. But have you ever noticed a change of effects while on your period? If so, then just know that you’re not imagining things. As it turns out, there are certain times of the month when a woman needs to smoke more weed. That time is period time, aka leak week. Why is this, exactly? Here’s the skinny.

Is weed less effective during a woman’s period?

Is Cannabis Less 1 Should Women Smoke More Weed On Their Period?

Some prefer Midol or Advil to help get them through a painful period. Others, however, like to smoke a little weed to ease their cramps and irritability.

Besides sparking a joint, there are pot products made specifically for women with unbearable menstrual cycles. Also, a painful period can qualify you for medical cannabis in many states.

If you’re a lady that relies on the herb to get you through your cycle, then you may have noticed the effectiveness of weed changes during this time. But does it really change, or is it all in your head?

As it turns out, THC is most effective in women when their estrogen levels are at peak during their time of the month. While conducting a study, Washington State University found that female rats were 30% more likely to relieve pain using weed than males at this time.

So, what exactly does that mean for women that use pot during leak week? As if period time wasn’t bad enough, is it true that the herb is less effective when a woman is on her period? The answer is yes, and there’s a reason why.

Estrogen’s relationship with weed

Believe it or not, estrogen, the hormone that controls a woman’s cycle, has a unique relationship with cannabis. In fact, estrogen helps break down THC, turning it into a more potent chemical that is absorbed by the body. In other words, the more estrogen, the better the THC regarding potency and effectiveness.

During a woman’s cycle, however, the levels of estrogen are at their lowest. While weed is great at easing away those aches and pains, your period makes it hard for the body to break down THC. That means the herb is less effective while a woman is on her period.

The same goes for CBD. Both estrogen and CBD produce similar medical benefits by blocking the enzyme Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH). The primary job of this particular enzyme is to break down the natural cannabinoid called Anandamide.

In like manner of CBD, Anandamide lowers levels of anxiety and depression. When estrogen levels are low, Anandamide is broken down, forcing CBD to work twice as hard.

So, there you have it. Ladies should smoke more weed during their period. But hey, that’s not so terrible now is it?


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