Inflated prices isn’t the only reason Cali (illegally) exports tons of weed every year to less green pastures. The other reason? California’s growers–particularly the outdoor ones–just grow too damn much weed.

While a thing as “too much weed” on this planet seems insane (especially in non-legal states), it’s apparently a very real thing. The LA Times says that, since eight times more the amount of weed than the state needs is currently being grown, that some growers need to grow less–or go out of business:

“We are producing too much,” Allen said, adding state-licensed growers “are going to have to scale back. We are on a painful downsizing curve.”

Or you know, the illegal side of the weed market will just never die and the old-school Humboldt County growers will do their thing.

“For right now, our goal is to get folks into the regulated market, as many as possible,” Ajax said. But, she added, “There are some people who will never come into the regulated market.”

And that’s a fact. You can make whatever rules and regulations for weed you want, but tracking down every guy in Cali with a grow in his backyard isn’t happening. And third-generation growers/families in the Emerald Triangle certainly won’t be resizing their cops cause they’re not supposed to.

Weed is renegade and as corporate as this industry gets, it’s going to take decades to completely wipe out the renegade spirit. That is, unless the federal government simply legalized the stuff and let whomever want to grow green grow it out wherever they please to.

Likewise, as soon as states like California can export this stuff legally…game on.

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