Upon first encounter with Breez Cinnamon CBD Mints, you may underestimate them. While their packaging most closely resembles a tin of breath mints, they pack a punch you can’t miss. Each individual mint contains a mild dose of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD, making them perfect for the casual microdoser.

Infused with natural terpenes from cinnamon and peppermint, only the most subtle cannabis flavor emerges. After savoring the mint for as long as possible before it naturally dissolved, it was still another 30 minutes before the effects took hold; a mellow body and head high left me coherent, if not slightly giddy. While the mild dose and unassuming package makes these treats ideal for the discrete patient, the delicious flavor presents a temptation that is not easily resisted.

Breez Mints | breezmints.com | Instagram: @breezmints

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