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The starlight vaporizer is Atman new design portable vaporizer, in a fashionable box style.

The starlight vaporizer is Atman new design portable vaporizer, in a fashionable box style. True vaporizer for both dry herb and wax. The device is equipped with advanced temperature controls from 320˚F to 500˚F in 4 levels which are compatible with both dry herb and wax. Powered by 2800mah lithium battery, in conjunction with stainless steel heating chamber, it offers the perfect performance of pure and flavorful vapor throughout all the day. Atman Starlight Manual Download

With only one power button to create a simple operation, convenient experience, and elegant appearance.

3When purchasing an Atman Starlight Unit, you will receive the actual vaporizer unit itself, an extra heating chamber (one is already included inside the unit), a packaging tool useful for making sure that your product is snugly packed, a cleaning brush for maintaining the unit, a USB charger (micro-USB, charged through the port on the front), and a user manual. The Atman Starlight vaporizer also includes very nice packaging, which is appropriate for immediately handing off as a gift.

Atman Starlight Customization:

Atman starlight, premium portable vaporizer in box style for both dry herb and wax, perfect performance. It will be the first vaporizer coming with personal customization service on the device.

The Sweet Deal

The Atman Starlight vaporizer is ultra impressive unit, and for the price of $100, the performance is outstanding. In addition to an outstanding, cheap vaporizer unit, Atman allows for you to customize your unit with any desired logos on the side of the unit. This only costs an extra $5, which is not a bad deal for anyone looking to make their unit a little more customized – although, the design can only go up to 35×45 millimeters. However, the customization option is amazing considering that the entire purchase would only cost $105 before shipping, although Atman does offer free shipping on any purchases that are greater than $99.



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