With the steady growth of vaping e-cigarettes comes the increase of cannabis users switching to vaping their THC.

It should be no surprise that the vaporizer market has boomed significantly over the years and with it has come the mainstream use of e-cigarettes. Now more than ever, more and more tobacco users are switching to the vape, making it much more attractive for cannabis users as well. With the allure of vaping bud and THC comes two main benefits – the portability and the discreteness of vape pens and dry herb vaporizers.

With this realization comes a posing question amongst the vaping community – can I get away with vaping my THC in public?

The Likelihood of Escaping The “Man’s” Eye

Over the years, public cigarette smoking has been slowly phased out. This has given a rise to cigarette smokers switching to e-cigarettes to get their nicotine fix. Nowadays, if you walk anywhere in public, you are likely to encounter some rather pleasant vapor clouds from these e-cigarettes. Mixes of fruity scents like strawberry, salted caramel, banana, cotton candy, and more. What you will also see are individuals who are more tolerant of these users and their smells.


Because they would much rather deal with these appealing smells than the toxic scent of cigarette smoke. With this comes acceptance with vaping in certain places that have been banned for cigarette smokers like restaurants, bars, and some businesses.

Getting to our point, the overflow of e-cigarette vapers have provided the perfect cover for cannabis users – allowing them to vape their THC without fuss amongst the sea of e-liquid vapers. The vapors from these devices are not only less pungent but their aromatic smells evaporate a lot faster than their “cancer stick” counterparts.

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Using Vape Pens for Vape Seshs in Public

Cannabis users, particularly those known for rolling their blunts, have been known for using a variety of countermeasures to avoid detection while smoking weed in public. However, the great thing about vaping is that the smells are drastically dimmed and it makes it less likely that you will be caught using your green stuff on the go.

However, this statement only holds true to vape pens designed for concentrates. Dry herb vapes are much more likely to release the smells associated with marijuana and it will draw attention to the user. With vape pens, you are much more likely to get away with fitting in a quick sesh in public for a couple of reasons.

First, many varieties of THC and CBD oils can be readily found at dispensaries and retail stores. Second, many of these oils are being mixed with flavorings which make them no different than the smells from an e-cigarette.

As well, much in the same way that the best e-cigs have become more technologically advanced and attractive to the vaping community, so have the best dab pens. They have also become more versatile, more portable, and more inconspicuous to the public eye.

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The bottom line is that cannabis users, specifically THC users, can take a breather on this topic. Many individuals, especially those who are unfamiliar with vaping, are unlikely to be able to tell the difference between a vape that is used for e-liquids and a vape used for concentrates.

As well, they will most likely be unable to tell if the flavored vapor being expelled in the air is cannabis laced or not. Therefore, it is safe to assume that one can get away with vaping their THC in public forums because most people can’t tell the difference and individuals are less bothered by vaping anyway because it is less harmful and less annoying than cigarette smoke.

Marisa Timko

Marisa Timko is a researcher & content writer at thevape.guide.

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