Motivated stoners are the best kind.

Our Story

GGDub started out in 2005 as a spoof and now it is a Revolutionary Movement. Well, we like to think so, at least. Girls Gone Weed was created to demonstrate to the world, a more open minded approach of the way we view smoking herb. The whole idea was born when we fogged the 4-runner while we were on a drive down the California coast line looking for waves or a suntan, ideally both.

The girls gone weed crew came from similar backgrounds, we are all native Californians and Hawaiians, with a bold love and respect for the ocean. We love good herb, the sunshine and the weekend. With the old 4 runner fully fogged, we started joking about a comedy spoof on the Girls Gone Wild. But, instead of girls getting drunk and acting like fools, the GGDub crew would be chill, sensitive, intelligent, like to hike, swim, surf, practice our photograogy, burn joints and watch good movies, prefer any coffee over Starbucks, love music, wear shades on foggy days, eat well, look good and stay motivated…

Most of the drive we just kept pipe dreaming about how we could make it like a movement. As soon as we got home we got the URL and now we are making things happen. I think we all agree, motivated stoners are the best kind!

A lot of people ask “What does it take to be a GGDub girl? Is there a certain type?” Basically, we see these women as being open minded, motivated, healthy, and positive. It is not necessarily a pre-requisite to smoke weed either =) We love the digital world, but have a true fondness for the analog. You know, the sound of a rotary phone, the smell of a used book store, and the grainy look of a super 8 film camera.

It is so amazing! Across the globe, people are writing such nice things to us. We just think it’s cool that people like what we are creating. The pictures, the message, the colors~ whichever, It’s all fun! So, now you know a little bit more about us.

Be well, and Keep it Lit
~ The GGDub Gang

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